By Lauren Nelson

The Documentary Film School is learning that you have to walk before you can run. The school, now in its fourth week, is currently working through the basics of cinematography — lighting, camera, sound and script writing.

In addition to learning the basics, the students have had lessons in interview techniques and creative process, and can be seen most days spread across the YWAM campus practicing the skills they have learned in class.

Student Jonathan O’Brien said he has enjoyed the expertise that the lecturers have brought to the classroom.

“Every speaker has been so professional. They have a lot of authority, and are so involved in their field. So I have respect for what they have to say,” Jonathan said.

After delving into the basics, students will begin the actual film-making process, said school leader Janice Entee. “In a couple of weeks, we will be ready to start group projects, and later, individual projects.”

O’Brien said he is ready to hit the ground running. “It’s a little difficult, because I always want to jump into whatever I am doing and make mistakes along the way,” he said.

Students have joined the school from six different nations – Germany, Cameroon, Nigeria, Rwanda, the United Kingdom and the United States. With such a diverse group, there are lots of perspectives and cultures to work through, said Entee, who is from Ghana herself.

“We spoke about it as a class, that all these different cultures would create misunderstandings and miscommunications,” she said. “Now it’s on the table, so we don’t have to pretend it’s not there. On a positive note, it brings lots of different perspectives to the creative process.”

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