The July 2011 Discipleship Training School is underway and going very well! We have enjoyed hearing lectures on The Nature and Character of God, Discipleship, Forgiveness, Freedom, Identity, and the Father Heart of God. The teaching has been challenging and it’s been amazing to learn and grow together as we learn more about God and His love for all of us!

This DTS is smaller than most with four trainees and five staff, but it has been a great group. Since it’s a small group, it has been more intimate. Also, it has given us the opportunity to mix in with the larger YWAM Harpenden community, eating with various staff, visiting their homes, and getting to know those that are both on staff and passing through. We have also enjoyed having regular times of meeting in a small group setting to process, connecting regularly in one-on-one mentoring, weekly Bible study, local outreaches, and times of fun together.

While the lecture phase focuses more on “knowing God” more, we are also looking ahead to the outreach phase where we will also be “making God known.” We have been praying together to see where God would like us to go for both the UK and international portion of the outreach. Once a decision was made for the international portion, the trainees set out on a scavenger hunt to discover the location, which will be in the eastern Mediterranean. We will also spend 2-3 weeks here in the UK.

It’s hard to believe how quickly the DTS is going and that we will be leaving for the outreach portion of the DTS in just over a month. In the upcoming five weeks, we are planning to go prayer walking in London, participate in more great lectures, join the YWAM Harpenden staff during their “At Home Days” time together as a campus, and prepare for international outreach. We have much to look forward to in the weeks ahead!

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