The School of Web Design and Communication has been running for 4 weeks and it’s been great. Every week has its challenges but God has been good in giving our trainees the understanding they need to get through the week.

The first week was mostly orientation to introduce the new trainees to the base. In our second week we covered the topic of “Writing for the web” in which they were shown what is the best way to connect with our audience online. We also touched on photography and the trainees were given their first challenging project.

But the biggest challenge for our trainees came with the topics of week 3 and 4. We were blessed to have Aleck Cartwright teaching on “Design in the process” and “Page layout”. During this time the trainees were given 2 different projects to put theory into practice. At the end of the day they did very well, and each of them really showed a lot of potential as web designers. Each completed their projects very well considering that they are only 4 weeks into the 12 weeks school.

This week Daniel Snell taught on HTML and CSS.  The trainees had a lot to learn as this is crucial topic in web design. But God has really opened their minds and hearts to take it all in. They were each given a project to practice what they’ve learned, and thanks to their good attitudes and hard work, they were all able to successfully complete their projects.

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