So, you’re sat at home and something is stirring in you as you think about the summer. You’re not content to stay where you are. You want something different. You want an opportunity which will enable you to be part of something that you know will have a lasting impact.

In 1972 Youth With A Mission held it’s first Olympic Outreach, and following this YWAM started pioneering works, which are still bearing fruit in countries such as the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Austria and the host nation of Germany.

Lynn Green, previously International Chairman of YWAM and member of the global eldership, writes “I believe that this year’s Olympic outreach is capturing something of the spirit of Munich 1972. There is a tremendous sense of YWAM and others stirring themselves worldwide to be present at London 2012; a sense of unity and oneness not seen for some time. This is an opportunity like no other: not only will we have the world coming to the Games, but in the case of London we already have the world here, in a way that probably few cities can claim.”   Read more of this article “That’s the Spirit.”’s-The-Spirit.

This is an exciting season in our nation’s history and we, at YWAM Harpenden, are excited to see what God is going to do. We are hosting 10 weeks of back-to back events over the summer, from global leaders meetings to discipleship adventures and Olympic games outreaches. We are in need of people who are willing to serve with us in a variety of ways. Does it sound like something you’d be interested in?

To facilitate all the unique events YWAM Harpenden is hosting this summer, we are recruiting volunteers to join us to serve in a variety of tasks such as cleaning, hospitality, catering, security, set up, administration and transport.  You don’t have to have completed a DTS, or have any YWAM experience, but be willing to come and serve for a couple of weeks or up to three months from mid-June through to early September.   We’re looking for people who are willing to work hard, have fun, and be part of our community in agreement with our values.

Our facilities will be filled to the brim this whole summer. The whole property will be set up like a summer festival site, with temporary housing for all of our volunteers (port-a-cabins or in our huge tent village) and we’re praying for good weather! We expect that the atmosphere will be electric right round from the start of our Orientation week (mid June) until the end of the last event (10 September), giving us just over a week before we receive our September DTS. Phew!

It is always such a special time for us all here on the Oval when we work together. The last large event that we hosted was a European celebration for YWAM’s 50th Anniversary, hosting 800 guests (mainly in tents) for four days. What makes this summer so unique is that we’ve never held so many events of this size back to back before.  We’re anticipating something like nothing we’ve ever seen before, a time where we as individuals and YWAM Harpenden get to be a part of this season which has the potential to have monumental impact in our nation.

Go to our Staff opportunities page for more details of how to apply to be a “Summer Events Volunteer.”

Click here for more information about our summer events and for the application form.

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