Week long seminars on Graphic Design at YWAM Harpenden. England

We would like to invite you to YWAM Harpenden for week long seminars on some foundational design topics which are taught on the School of Design.

Each week we will give you fundamental instruction on a specific subject which will help you develop skills in graphic design and other creative disciplines. There will be plenty of opportunity during the week to practice what you have learnt in class. We have excellent staff to help coach you through your chosen week.

See below for details of each week and costs. Please note we have limited spaces for each week. Once you have filled in a simple registration form and paid, you will have secured your place for the week.

Please email our registrar for a registration form: registrar@ywamharpenden.org

or call Amanda in the registration office: +44 (0) 1582 643344

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator: 30/4/12 – 2/5/12 and Photoshop: 3/5/12 – 4/5/12*

This week will be an introduction to these two programmes because they are so vast in their capabilities. Both Illustrator and Photoshop are key tools in any designers arsenal. They can also be fun to explore for any creative discipline, for example designing a logo or improving your photography.

Typography: 7/5/12 – 11/5/12*

This week will introduce the foundations of how to use type effectively and professionally. We will teach a few simple practices that will help you layout beautiful type and could change the way you think. We will also look at typographic hierarchy and grid, which are two helpful and invaluable tools when producing any document with type.

Elements and Principles of Design: 14/5/12 – 18/5/12

Elements are the things we use to design with: line, shape, colour etc. Principles are how we use those Elements: alignment, contrast, repetition etc. With a good understanding of Elements and Principles of design our communication can be much more effective and pleasing to the eye.

Introduction to Adobe Flash Animation: 25/6/12 – 29/6/12*

Although Adobe Flash is now primarily used for creating websites and embedding video into webpages, it can also be used for animation. We will learn how to animate simple shapes and text and be shown the tools to go on and create our own animations.


£200 including food and accommodation, materials and all classes. (Monday-Friday)

* These weeks will require the use of Adobe programmes and Mac computers. We have a limited number of these for use, again this will be a first come first serve basis.

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