YWAM’s training vessel Next Wave will set sail on a three-day ‘Channel voyage’ this coming Wednesday, 25 April, and you can join them! The journey will start in the eventing from Port Pendennis in Cornwall and travel to the Isle of Wight, landing on the 28th. From there, you can join the crew for outreach on the Isle of Wight, or head back to the main land in the evening. You will be integrated within the ship’s company and join the crew in bridge watch keeping, receive instructions in navigation and collision avoidance, while crossing the busy traffic lanes of the English Channel to briefly stop on the Isle of Guernsey, Channel Islands.

It’s short notice, but if you are up for an adventure, the Next Wave would love to have you along! The cost is £20 per day to help cover the cost of food and fuel. There is a discount for YWAMers; ask about it when you apply.

For more information, contact us on 07534014636 or e-mail nextwave@marinereach.com

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