If you have been to the Oval Café lately, you may have noticed some things are out of place.

How may I help you? Maureen waits to serve you at the new counter.

Never fear. Gnomes have not invaded in the night and started moving things around. These are just some of the latest improvements made to serve customers at the Oval Café.

“We noticed we were getting stretched during busy times,” said Gareth Cater, who runs the café. “We made some changes so that we can provide better service to our customers.”

Recently, the café opened a second room for more vistors. It offers a spot for those who want to have conversation without the whir of the coffee grinder and the blender!

Fair trade, the practice of paying a fair price to workers involved in the production of things like coffee and chocolate, is an important concern to the Oval Café. To further that cause, the team have switched coffee companies. They now use Kingdom Coffee, which has a range of fair trade beans to choose from, making every cup of coffee from Oval Café the best it can be.

“We want to be as ethical and fair trade minded as we can,” Gareth said. “The coffee was just one step. We also added some light snacks that are fair trade, and we also use local business like Harpenden Sandwich Company for our sandwiches.”

Then over the Easter holiday, a more noticeable change was made to the main café. The coffee counter was extended, giving workers more room to make drinks without bumping into each other.

Gareth said he was excited about the new space, and the possibilities it brings. “It gives us so much more room, which in turn allows us to do more for our customers.”

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