Language is a key way of communication, so what a better way to open communication with others than to teach language.

Teaching English as a Second Language, a six-week course that trains people to teach English, started this week at YWAM Harpenden, and Jan Warren has joined us on campus to teach the course. She says that TESOL is an invaluable skill for missionaries everywhere.

“There is not one place in the whole world that you cannot use this training,” she said. “In non-English speaking countries, there is a definite place for it. And in English-speaking countries, you can use it to teach refugees and migrants who need these language skills. It really does go everywhere. It’s the key to discovering nations.”

As if to underscore the universal need for English-language teaching, the school at Harpenden has 10 nations represented among their students and staff, and every continent is represented.

The seminar covers speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and pronunciation, but there is much more to the TESOL curriculum.

“We teach trainees how to pioneer new ministries using TESOL, how to write a syllabus for a course, how to teach with a Biblical worldview, and even how to use the Bible to teach English for evangelism and discipleship,” Jan said.

In addition to time in class, the students will go to Luton each week to teach English at a local church.

“One of our foundational values is to do first, then teach,” Jan said. “It’s key for trainees to practice, not just gain head knowledge. It’s very practical.”

We look forward to seeing what God does in the future with the trainees who are gaining these TESOL skills at YWAM Harpenden.

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