A Forever outreach team found a way to use songs performed in the Olympic opening ceremony to reach out to people travelling on the trains afterwards.

The team of four from Youth With A Mission (YWAM) went to the Salmon Youth Centre in the London borough of Bermondsey, where a giant screen was available and open to the general public for viewing the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Team member Yolanda Olson takes up the story: “I noticed that the opening ceremony included the song, ‘Jerusalem’, and also that ‘Abide With Me’ was given a great focus and emphasis. I immediately latched on to these songs and began to sing them on our journey back on the train. I sang on the escalators and in the Underground.

“As we changed trains, a young woman came to me and asked what the names of the songs were that I was singing. This woman was Russian and living near the China border. We began a short meaningful conversation about Jesus. She is a Christian and was thrilled to have met us.”

“Again, while waiting for the train, another young lady turned to me and told me she liked my singing. We found out that she is also a Christian from Ethiopia and her name is Jerusalem. Her father is Jewish and her mother a Christian Ethiopian. Her sister is named Bethlehem. She invited us to visit her Anglican church on Sunday. She also asked for prayer, and after praying said that she felt she had truly had a divine appointment from God. She left us her email address and expressed interest in attending events by YWAM in the future.”

But the opportunities hadn’t finished yet. Yolanda continues: “Sitting across from Jerusalem and myself was a young man of Chinese descent named Ben. He was born in London and is a graphic designer. He had been listening to all we said. He told us that he had never heard about Jesus or read the Bible. As we left, we challenged him to get to know Jesus and he said, ‘You have helped me to do this!’”

As these stories show, music opens doors into people’s hearts. All over London, YWAM’s outreach teams are finding different ways and means to bring the message and love of Jesus to visitors to and residents of the capital.

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