Go 4 Glory is a festival that brings together artists and athletes from all over the world. This is the first event like this in YWAM history, and it is not limited to YWAMers but Christians from all over. Go 4 Glory seeks to celebrate arts and sports, and to give artists and athletes a chance to showcase and share their talents. Almost every night there has been performances and open mic times. It’s been amazing to see the variety of talents and people. Athletes have been able to showcase their abilities as well. A volleyball net has been set up on the Oval, and more often than not you can see people out playing – praise God for amazing weather! Go 4 Glory also seeks to train people, and so there have been seminars and workshops every day. The final focus of Go 4 Glory is to network people. Here people have had a chance to connect and meet people they otherwise might not have. So many networking relationships have been forged over these past five days.

I believe God has really showed up this past week during Go 4 Glory! From the connections that have been made to helping people realize new talents and callings.  The participants have been stretched and empowered and God has been inspiring and igniting passions, and giving new perspectives. He is revealing His heart for arts and sport in missions, and people are being given new opportunities to share using these mediums.

Next, Go 4 Glory will partner with an organization called More than Gold for a two week outreach in London. They have venues all across London, one of them being outside Westminster Abbey. Performances will be held daily for about five hours each day. There are approximately 660 performances scheduled for the next 14 days! This is the short-term effect of these past five days. In the long-term, we hope that the relationships formed here will continue on for years to come.

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