Well, our team is now nearly four weeks into our outreach and we are still loving every moment of it. This past week has been full to the brim and while everyone can be quite tired at times, we are still eager to serve and experience new things.

So far each Saturday we’ve spent our mornings and afternoons at a nearby park, parachute and games in hand. Usually we just start playing a game ourselves, hitting around the volleyball or tossing bean bags and eventually we draw a crowd. We’re essentially just there to play with all the kids in hopes of building relationships and friendships with them and their parents. By now we have found a few kids that continually come back each Saturday to play and hang out with us. It’s really fun to see all the kids laughing and smiling when we wave around the parachute or attempt to juggle.

Along with our other ministries we also have a group that goes to Bethany orphanage every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It is a government run orphanage that’s paired up with an organization called Bethany Christian Services. There is a Christian family that lives at the orphanage and helps organize our team. At Bethany the goal is to have all their children reunited with their birth family or adopted before the age of three so all the children our group sees are quite young. Most often our team is just put to work by making the children smile and giving them the attention that they need. It can be difficult at times with the language barrier, but thankfully smiles are the same in every language.

We are continuing to serve in our normal ministries and have now learned that for this coming week we will be heading up to a village in the mountains and hopefully staying with host families. Our whole team is quite excited for that and is looking forward to a change of scenery. Please remember to keep us in your prayers, and we look forward to sharing more testimonies soon.

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