As we the Liverpool team move on with our outreach part, we wanted to update you guys on how God has been faithful. We have been waiting for this week to know if we all
are gonna join the team in Albania. On Tuesday we said goodbye to our two of our Liverpool team as they left Next Wave to join the team in Albania. Meanwhile we have been doing different ministries that God has opened the doors for. We went to an Iranian church on Sunday where we got really encouraged to see many former Muslims radically worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ with all they’ve got. One of our team members got to share his testimony as he also comes from a Muslim background. We really saw how God was using us as people prayed for each other. We’ve also been doing some late night outreach, we made coffee and hot chocolate and went to one of the streets in Liverpool that is known for having a lot of late night clubs. We had some really good conversations telling them what is a missionary, who is God and
inviting them to the Open Boat, the outreach on board where we invite people for a tour around the ship and a free hot drink and move into

We’ve been cooperating with the Iranian church in their outreach also, we went a few times during the week to these hostel where people from different countries come to UK to start a new life for different reasons. What we do is ask them about their needs and then we connect them with churches and other places that are already available to help these people. Until now we’ve met people from different countries such as: Iran, Sudan and Albania.

God has also opened a door lately to work with a vulnerable womens ministry. The girls on our team had the opportunity to help one of these women settle into a place of her own by helping to paint her new flat. It was a very encouraging time for both of them and they were later invited to her “house-warming” party. We are looking forward to more opportunities to partner with what is already happening amongst these women.

God has been opening a lot of doors for different kind of ministries as many as we don’t have the same weekly schedule. We are excited to see what else God has for us while we are here!

God is good.
Liverpool team

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