IMG_3779Last week a couple of the DTS students got to taste what it means to apply what they are learning in the lectures to real life situations with a local outreach to night club on Friday night.

Hazel Laquindanum, 22, was one of the students who went to hand-out water bottles with bible verses attached and lollipops to people who were coming out of the club.

“I had a lot of fun. It was really about showing people love; it wasn’t about forcing the gospel down people’s throats. It was just generally caring for people who needed water,” Hazel said, “And just taking the time to listen to people because I guess in that state a lot of them just want to talk. I was surprised how many of them just stood and talked to us for about ten to fifteen minutes.”

Hazel heard about YWAM through a family friend who offered to sponsor her if she chose to do one. She was initially interested in the Documentary Film Making school which is ran on the Harpenden base but when she learned she had to do a DTS first she felt God tell her Harpenden was where she should be anyways.

So far Hazel has been enjoying all aspects of the school and found that the lectures were a practical help during the local outreach.

All last week we talked about the Father heart of God and about God’s love. And receiving God’s love for yourself, then loving others as you love yourself.”

Hazel described it as a change of mindset from thinking about just trying to witness and share to the gospel to just showing people God’s love.

“It was a lot of applying the actual love that we receive through Christ and giving it back to them. Because that s what (people) really need is genuine love.”

Hazel said her favourite times so far have been the moments of  hanging out and bonding, creating relationships, which has made the base feel more like home.

“I’m really looking forward to all of us getting closer and opening up more (to each other and to God). I am excited to see the way everyone will change and everyone will grow into (who God wants them to be). ”

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