IMG_3229We learned two key things during week 8; one, worship is a life style, not an act you do on Sunday morning. Two, God designed every aspect of life and should be celebrated in every part, not just church.

It was a very intense week of learning with Graham Kendrick (author of song Shine Jesus Shine amongst other well known tunes) coming for the first two days and Leah Broomfield finishing the week with a study on Biblical Worldview.

One of the highlights for many of the first part of the week was the practicing of taking a Psalm and putting music and a tune to it. It was a powerful moment to hear words written centuries ago vibrating through the room. The voices rising and falling in unison painting a picture of joy, pain and praise.

The second half was a new kind of challenge as we explored the age-old question Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” We also explored parts of the Bible that seem random and insignificant but actually have helped shape society today.

For instance the Lord gave careful instructions to the Israelites concerning hygiene and managing waste in the Old Testament. The principle that you should have the sewage away from where people are living and you need to keep yourself clean is a common sense thing that most people don’t know started in the Bible.

It was a great week with lots of information and challenges.

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