1385670_10151864597186072_461408711_nAfter one week in Lanner (Redruth) with the whole group, six people went to Polzeath, a beautiful place and famous for your perfect waves to surfing. So for five days we were in a church called Tubestation. On Tuesday we arrived there with a lot of expectations to work there and help them. But God did an amazing surprise for us there, first of all we were expecting to be taking our showers outside on a beach, but the local church provide for us to be in a comfortable Caravan with shower and bedrooms. It was incredible to be there as a family, preparing the meals together or sitting around the table talking, praying or laughing .

On the first day there we had a day off just to be ready for the work next day. After a good night in a bed we had a worship time together in the caravan and then we went to the Tubestation to help them in the Cafe. Everybody  was excited to work for first time in our lives in a Cafe. But with six people it would be quite busy to be with six people in a small kitchen, so we decided to switch the group. Three people were in the Cafe helping washing the dishes and cooking and the other group was working outside cleaning the tables and  weeding the grass. It was a good day to bless Tubestation Church and good to be in a surfing environment.

A day after we received our DTS leader Daniel and we could spend a time with him sharing about our highlights during outreach. On our third day there we did the same schedule. That evening we decided to go to the beach and watch a beautiful sunset. On Friday we had an opportunity to learn surfing with a good teacher. He was really patient and during two hours we tried to do our best on the waves. After four days there we were really enjoying our time and we met good friends there that blessed us so much. But on saturday was time to say goodbye for Polzeath and for our new friends, was hard to say goodbye, but at the same time we were going to see the rest of the group and the expectations for the next step on outreach started to grow in our hearts.


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