1385806_10152281518484689_1848520189_nWeek 3: Our first week in Manchester kicked off Sunday with a bilingual church service, the languages being English and Portuguese, which was a nice switch up for our two Brazilian girls. It was a relatively easy day after our previous day of travelling. Monday began with practical work at a prayer house, known as The Lighthouse, in the Daubhill area of Bolton. The woman in charge of The Lighthouse, Carla, is a passionate woman with such a heart for her community. Seeing her passion really inspired and encouraged our team. At the beginning of the week The Lighthouse was dirty, in desperate need of some painting, and had an overgrown back garden that could be mistaken for a jungle, but thanks to the hard work of our entire team, Carla, and a few other members of The Lighthouse team at the end of 5 days hard 1384308_10152281518989689_2132826132_nwork the house was transformed and ready to be a lighthouse to the community of Daubhill. Along with working in the house there was also a community garden that was looking for some tender love and care. Half of the team spent their days working on that garden: weeding, trimming hedges, clearing paths, and other such work. Along with our work at The Lighthouse we also partnered up with the St. George the Martyr Church, a local church in the Daubhill area, and helped advertise and run a community fun day on Saturday. We had a wide variety of events going on including a cafe area, face painting, manicures, balloon animals, a goalie competition and some craft stalls that we hope really impacted the children and families of the community. Our week ended with a harvest service at St. George and being able to help hand out the food that was donated at the service to people who lived in the area. All in all we had a fun week together getting our hands dirty and really being able to invest in the community.

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