October is here, which means we are only in our first official week of starting the DTS lecture phase! Even though we’ve been here for only two weeks, you can see God moving on everyone’s life at the Oval. A thing to remember is everyone is coming from different backgrounds and different cultures, but the beautiful thing is watching everyone worship together. There is no putting God in a box. We’re all on a journey together discovering God, coming out of comfort zones, and making lasting friends.

Friday night, September 27, was a significant night for staff members and trainees. Rebecca had talked about stepping out of the boat. It is a scary thing to grasp since most of us have never been away from, or this far from home. Trusting God is a big thing when you feel like you’re facing your giants alone.

The concept of smashing a microwave with a sledgehammer is a strange thing to grasp, when you have no idea what to expect. The word was to smash and declare something that you’re expecting God to do. Whether its fear, stepping out of the boat and into something new, or changing your perspective on God, there was something powerful about 40 something staff and trainees declaring God to move and work on and in their lives.

I don’t suggest taking your personal microwave, unless you hear from God, and smashing it, but declaring something amongst people you know that will love you for whatever you have done and hold you accountable.


The feeling of being vulnerable is overwhelming, but Philippians 4:13 states “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. And what a glorious feeling that is. Even when you feel like you’re facing things alone, God is beside you and He is walking hand-in-hand to see that you can overcome the battle and gain victory over every aspect of your life. Big or small, God cares, and He will be there.

Our generation is the “microwave generation”. We want everything now. We want quick fixes. We don’t like to wait. Instead of putting a roast in the oven and letting it cook for hours until the spices really sink in and the meat is tender and delicious… we like to pop a frozen meal in the microwave that tastes like cardboard but satisfies us (although just barely) for the moment.

As Andy stood in front of us, holding a sledgehammer, he told us that we were going to smash their microwave. In doing so, we were going to accomplish two things. One was to smash the mentality of quick fixes… issues are going to be brought up in the school that require a long and drawn out process to heal. God requires patience of us, and waiting on Him. The second thing we were told to do was to think of something that we were breaking off/expecting God to change/ declaring in frontofthe group. We were to make our declaration, pick up the sledgehammer and smash the microwave. (byLana)

In hard times, in good times, in the waiting, and just going God is there. He is in the midst of wherever you may be. The things you’re expecting God to do in your life aren’t going to be a quick fix. In fact, the longer the better, like the slow roast Lana talked about. You want to be made whole, not a quick fix. If it’s a quick fix, the problems may resurface and the healing can’t fully begin.

Everything is about trusting God, stepping out in faith, and just “going with the go-go” as Andy would love to say.

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