Week One: Our first day was a long day of travel to our destination of Redruth, Cornwall. After a night of little sleep we dove right in. We worked alongside Walk Cornwall, which is an event where Through Faith Missions partners with local churches throughout Cornwall to share the Gospel. Our team was divided and spread amongst a prayer room, a prayer stand, working in a harvest shop/community centre, and doing door to door evangelism. It was a bit of a daunting prospect for most of us as it is a more forward method of evangelism. However we jumped in with high expectations to see more of God and got the opportunity to share in many interesting conversations and even saw some come to the Lord. On Saturday we all headed to the shop to help out with the Harvest Shop, but directed towards a younger crowd. We painted faces and some even mastered the art of making balloon animals. Along with working with Walk Cornwall we helped out with different youth groups. Friday night we worked with the young adults in Carharrack and a couple of us got the chance to share our testimonies. We got a chance to speak with a few of the girls there and one really related to one of the testimonies given, which led to some great conversation. Next week we will split up and a portion of us will stay in the Redruth area working with the community and the other group will head to Polzeath to work with the Tubestation Church. We are not sure what next week brings, but we are excited for the opportunities and challenges that we will be facing.

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