IMG_6855We had a busy week working with the churches and also doing evangelism in Valletta. During our evangelism time, in our partners we were given 5 Euro to spend with the focus of blessing people and sharing Christ with them. We bought things like flowers, post cards and wrote verses on them, bracelets, and many other creative ways. We had many good conversations on the streets talking, sharing, praying and laughing with people. Also we worked with different churches and we shared testimonies, dramas, songs or times of intercession for Malta. It’s good to see in the churches that we are working here people being impacted with ours stories and how God is changing our lives here on DTS. Usually in the morning we have a different person in our group leading the devotional, intercession or worship. A good moment to listen what God wants for us here in Malta. We also worked cleaning and blessing some churches here with our practical work.

This week we had a guest, Jessica from the DTS Centre at YWAM Harpenden. She was here for four days to encourage us, check in on us and see how things have been going for us. We had a good devotional and she blessed us with prayers and words from God. It was a great time for us to grow in unity and encouragement.

Each week we are seeing more of God, He is working in our lives here and we are blessing this beautiful country with our passion to reach people for His Kingdom.

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