Foto-1-copyThis last Friday our DTS had a Love Feast. This is a celebration to come together as a community, enjoy good food, worship and thank God for all that he has done throughout the DTS, as the lecture phase is coming to an end. All of us spent the afternoon preparing the feast in some way. Cooking, decorating or cleaning – everyone was busy. It was also a excellent excuse to get all dressed up and fancy, the girls especially enjoyed this part. The evening began when we were treated to a tasty meal and Korean dessert at a beautifully spring-themed banquet table.

After our meal and conversations we moved into a time of worship and declaring how God has changed us during these last couple of months. Stuart shared with us: “Before DTS I thought my walk with God was doing alright but he was kind of distant to me. During DTS I realized how much I had fallen short of who God wants me to be and he really came closer to me and became more real to me. I broke off the fear and loneliness I had been feeling. It’s been a great experience.”

Looking back, it is truly incredible how no one is the same person as they were when they got here. Everyone’s testimony is individual and many were able to overcome their past, break off sin, learn to forgive and start a new chapter.

One big happy family

One big happy family

Our lives have been changed forever. Kayla’s declaration summarises what a lot of us have found: “God has delivered me from a place of confusion and reliance on worldly satisfaction to being on fire and living passionately for His glory! I don’t know what is next but I am content on trusting Jesus. If God says GO I will GO!”


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