Meet Jason- he is a part of our IT department,IMG_2854 but loves doing many things here!

When & why did you decide to join YWAM?
Well, I was born and raised in YWAM, so it wasn’t so much an issue of why to join YWAM as why to leave it! I love the global family that we are, and could hardly imagine doing anything else.

What is your role on the base?
I work mainly in the IT department. I have saved many lives since coming here, or so they tell me. If the internet goes down, I’m one of the ones they call.

What ministry/project are you currently working on?
I help out with a number of smaller responsibilities around the oval, like organising the PA system for meetings, helping with the Skate Park ministry, etc.
I feel like God has called me to influence the video game industry as well, so another project I’m working on part-time is making a game. Basically something that displays Godly values, and inspires people to seek more of Life.

What are you passionate about?
As I mentioned, video games. But also the outdoors, and adventure. I love theories, and mental puzzles. I relish a challenge (most of the time). I love to see God work in people. NIKO (Look it up… In relation to YWAM)

Are there areas that you are looking to work on in the future (vision)?
I hope to grow more and focus more in the area of game dev. Also, I hope to be able to work more with NIKO, and that whole genre of outdoor-adventure-recreation/team-building/ropes-course/etc.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I am an introvert, so I don’t like hanging out with crowds of people all the time. That said, I love to watch movies and play games (video or otherwise) with small groups of close friends. One of my favorite pastimes is to discuss theories and debate their validity. And books… lots of books…

What do you love about living on the Oval?
It’s a community that supports you in your dreams, regardless of how crazy it might seem. And great importance is placed on hearing God’s voice for everything. If God said it, go for it.


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