Did you know that we host the Oval Skate Café   in The Factory every Friday evening starting at 7pm? The café is a safe place for the youth of Harpenden and surrounding areas to come and spend time with each other—while skateboarding!

The Oval Skate Café may be mostly geared towards skaters, but it is open and available to anyone who wants to come and hang out. With snacks, couches, and video games, there is something for everyone.

The new ramps!

The new ramps!

The skateboarders were especially happy this past Friday, because some brand new ramps made their first appearance! The new ramps are made out of metal, unlike the old breakable wooden ones. The skaters had a blast testing the ramps out by doing various tricks.

This coming Friday (23/05/2014), the Oval Skate Café, in conjunction with The Factory Presents, will be hosting Factory Metal Night. The evening will feature several local metal bands.

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