The usual English cloud hung overhead.

Our Crazy School!

Our Crazy School!

Young people, faces lit with anticipation and awe trudged through the grass of the central oval, off to start the first week of lecture phase. Yes, that was us, a diverse  bunch, eager to see what God wants to do in our lives.

Danny John, a phenomenal man of God, brought a message of the Father Heart of God over the course of the week, covering issues of the heart, love, abuse and trust. Many of us felt the need to let go of issues of past hurt from our fathers and move on into a future of freedom and forgiveness. This has caused our hearts to become more malleable so that we can come in to a deeper and fuller relationship with our Heavenly Daddy, willingly accepting His embrace of true love and acceptance. It has been so exciting to see the chains He has broken and the beautiful lives He is setting free. Throughout the week, choruses of “Let it Go”  from the popular Disney Film Frozen were heard all over the oval as we delighted in this new found freedom. This week has been one of great triumph and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for each and every member of our team in the weeks to come. Please pray for us as we continue to dig deeper into God and experience His unconditional love.

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