As a relaxing morning of intercession drew to a close, our class of usually energetic young adults trudged through the fog of Monday morning into our class room where we were met with the bright smile of Ms Carolyn Ross. You see, over the previous weekend, the majority of us had somehow managed to contract the most mind-numbing and dull-aching cold imaginable. The close living quarters meant that it was inevitable that the flu would affect everyone in one way or another. So poor Carolyn’s beautiful smile was met with the stares that could have reflected that of zombies.

This interesting beginning, however, was met with a much more uplifting week of blessing. Carolyn shared a message on “the Rooted Life”. By exploring the Psalms, as well as her own testimony, strongly emphasizing the importance of allowing God to speak to us through the scriptures in many different unique and creative ways. We reflected on the importance of living by the fruits of the spirit and how these values of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control enable us to reflect the character of God.

The second half of the week brought about a familiar face, Tom Leonard, who is on staff here. Tom spoke on the Bible and how significant each and every part of it is in our lives today. We were taken on a journey from the Pentateuch all the way through the Kings and the Prophets to the letters and beyond. The passion and knowledge that Tom spoke with was so encouraging and it really challenged the class to dive more into the word and make it a priority in our every day lives.

So, after a very unique start to the week, our sniffles were on the mend and our hearts became enlightened with the new knowledge and wisdom that was displayed through the Psalms and the rest of the Bible. Somehow, Carolyn and Tom managed to turn a pack of moody young adults into an assertive group with a passion to discover all the treasures hidden in God’s great Word. This was an incredible week of encountering God and growing through the truth of His Word.

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