Our team arrived in East London, excited for what was to come. The beginning of our two week adventure started with making a home out of the St. Paul’s church crypt. We were so blessed to be able to base there and found it super restful and fun (follow our hashtag on Instagram #KillinItInTheCrypt.)
Each day with a GPS in hand we navigated our way around the hustling city to our ministries. We joined in with another local church, Good Shepherd Mission, for a majority of the work we did. We served at homeless charity drop-ins, mums&tots programmes, a vulnerable women and addicts art centre with many crazy faith days.
We also had the opportunity to work in Stratford with a local church, Hope Church, where we began to hear God’s heart for the area. We teamed up and were able to do lots of prayer walks, treasure-hunting, and blessing the people around us!
During our time in East London we had several opportunities to share our faith, our stories, and lead worship to people on the streets as well as in churches! We were honoured to serve wherever we were needed and pleased to find out our team has so many useful talents. We were able to quickly build great relationships with people as they would often go to more than one of the places we’d be serving at.
God had a brilliant plan for each day, He knew just how to use our team (many divine appointments), how to provide for us (so many invitations to home cooked meals), protect us and guide us (never got lost!) as well as grow in our trust and relationships with our team  (24/7 together!)  Our team is doing great and is in high spirits. We feel a great sense of  openness, willingness to be challenged, and unity. We are praying for a continuation of this; that we wouldn’t get too comfortable in these areas but continue to fight for more!
God is so good and faithful and continues to show us that everyday as we seek His face and heart for the nations. East London has moved our hearts and we pray that Jesus is exalted as we move from London to Thailand and Cambodia!


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