For about two weeks in September, our team ventured off into our lively neighboring city of Luton. Right as we walked in the door of where we were staying, did we walk right back out to get to work. We helped organize for an annual Faith walk, which is in partnership with local schools, local churches, local people, all coming together as a community, to make a statement of peace.
We blew up over 100 balloons, and carried them down to the start of the walk, along with signs promoting the truth of peace, positive and encouraging words. All walking along with people from within the city, and of different faiths.
Right next door to where we were staying; was a church that was in some need of extra help with their yard-work. We got to finally start some rough, hard work. After clearing some fire exit’s (potentially savin’ lives right there), there was a significant notice of change. We also worked in the garden of the church. That was an experience to get to harvest it (such as vegetables and other things we weren’t too sure of). We strived when we were put to work outside, and really found it purposeful.
The rest of our time there, we volunteered within the University’s multi-faith community; Treehouse (yes, there is a legit treehouse in the lounge), Which is hosted in the school, and ran by volunteers. We went around promoting it, helped with events they put on, and most importantly we’re just there being ourselves, building friendships, relating with the students, and introducing them into an environment of acceptance. Even at times getting to share our faith with them.
After those two weeks were done; it felt like our time was cut too short, saying goodbye to some serious awesome people we were able to meet, and hopefully affect.
Now we’re off to Albania for the rest of this adventure for Him. We’re more than ready for this!

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