churchHave you ever looked back on your life and wondered where God was in difficult times?  Have situations or people caused you to believe lies about yourself that clearly disagree with who God says you are? Every single trainee arrived on base with many such questions. Our picture of God was based on many false ideas we had incorporated as truth, either because of wrongs that had been done to us, or subtle lies we had slowly accepted. DTS has been like a greenhouse as God, in His timing, shows us the depth of His love and His desire for a passionate relationship with us. Day by day we are shown another part of the people we are meant to be through Him, and the ability we have to bring life to a hurting world.

On the first day of DTS Tom Leonard painted a thought-provoking mental picture that would become a symbol of what God was working through in many of us. Our life is pictured like a tree. The roots feed off of our environment (soil) around us, whether that is our family background, culture, or the influences of media. From this soil our beliefs spring into branches and leaves. Thus, our beliefs determine what we do, even if they are subtle and unrecognizable. God is continuing to use this image to sort through the confusion or hurt we may have experienced in our past and replace those lies with the truth.

Each one of us learned that God has an original design for us, before the world’s lies and hurt affected us. God created us exactly how He wanted us to be; perfect in His image. During the sixth week we had teaching on the Holy Spirit, and learned to listen to God’s heart. This present week is following it up with teaching on freedom, breaking strongholds of rebellion, passivity, fear, and much more. Each trainee was given an hour of prayer, in which the intercessors listened to what God thought about the individual. Many of us were shocked by the deep insight into our lives that God gave people who barely knew us. Yet the most impactful realization was that Godywam dts classroom cares enough about us to tell us the intensity with which He desires us.

This is the heart of the gospel; to restore to life what is in the process of decay. When God shows us how He is restoring each situation in our lives the immediate response is to share this freedom with others. Whenever you feel less than whom God created you to be simply ask God what He thinks of you and how you can bless someone around you by the truth you will receive.

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