Raising money for Uganda at the Christmas Festival

This week our DTS shared Fred Markert’s teaching on missions with the Crossroads DTS. Crossroads is tailored for single or married people above the age of thirty, and focuses on bringing a renewed purpose and a deeper experience with God later in life. We have enjoyed the opportunity to blend our own ideas with the wisdom God has revealed to them. I decided to sit down with several of the Crossroads trainees at lunchtime and chat about the decision they made to do a DTS and what they had learned from it so far.

Over full plates in BB hall I asked Peter, Rene, Guy, Louise, Maggie, and Anne what had prompted them to set aside their own plans for six months and put themselves under the teaching at YWAM. I was surprised to find that their answers were similar to the reasons of many on my own DTS. Several felt that their purpose had gone from life and wanted to repave the foundation that had been crumbling. Many voiced a need for healing and wholeness through seeking God and growing spiritually. All saw it as a chance to step out in faith for a new journey with God.

I then asked if teaching and living together in #9 had lived up to their expectations. Lectures had started slowly as many wondered if they were prepared for the months ahead, but after a while each week began to weave a web of truth that would not have been clearly known if one strand had been missed. A teachable spirit was necessary even though many were spiritually mature, because God never runs out of things to reveal to us. As Louise put it, “I’m getting to know what I new I didn’t know.”

Crossroads will be doing outreach in Uganda. For 10841547_469122456559846_153323585_nseveral it will be their first mission trip, and they all expect to see God’s power in amazing ways. They plan to be a blessing and help in whatever way they can, learning from the people and enjoying the different culture. At the end they feel that it will be an amazing time to evaluate their relationship with God and see where He leads them in the future.

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