Poetry is a form of expression that predates literacy; historians suggest that poetry dates back to a time when tales of valour and honour were remembered only by those who used story telling to pass history down through the power of voice. There is something remarkable in poetry, the way that one uses simple words to describe that which is at the core of us all, the words that come directly from the heart. There is a beauty in the poets voice, a beauty in the sharing of our stories, ideas, inspiration through this form that is found in no other. Due to this, I thought it appropriate to have a format in this blog to express those things about the one we love the most, Jesus, and the missional life that we have all devoted ourselves to. To start us off with this monthly instalment is our very own co-campus leader, Carl Tinnion, with:

Tender Green Shoots

Green shoots creeping up


Small and delicately formed, vulnerable to the elements.

Small shoots itching to be made known

Long icy blasts confound and frustrate their upward longing

The snow comes late and the frosts bear down

Yet they somehow refuse to die

Delicate shoots, thin and immature.  You shall not die.

Two weeks nigh and winter will choke on its final breath

And you, tender shoots, will stand victorious as you birth your colours

Two weeks nigh and all the world shall see your splendour, the darling bulbs of spring.


Photo: Lauren Malpass



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