I have always found this time of year to be an inspiring season. Winters grip is loosening its hold on us and the sun grows in confidence daily. Admittedly it is still England and the clouds feel they have some sort of right to exist. Bulbs are sprouting everywhere and the trees look like they have been freshly sprayed with bright green paint. It is a time of relief for me. My big coats get packed away and I contemplate flip flops, possibly before they are appropriate.

grassBut it is also a metaphor for us that we are well used to. A Narnian picture of the frozen landscape losing its power and new shoots emerging, new life.  It encourages us to believe that nothing is dead, it merely has the appearance of death.  Whether it is Jesus saying that a child is not dead, only sleeping.  Or a valley of dry bones that with the breath of God can find flesh and live again.  God is always whispering this Kingdom reality into our souls. ‘With me, everything has the chance to find life again, to be renewed and restored.’ And one day he will finally say, BEHOLD, I am making all things new again. (Rev. 21:5)

the pavilion behind the chapel

God always gives us hope and exhorts us to live with the same mindset.  Our God inspired hope can also become infectious to those around us.  Hope begets hope and like a very contagious cold, it permeates everything. This applies to struggles we may be going through, but it also applies to vision and the advent of new vision.  Vision sometimes has the appearance of being in permanent hibernation, stuck in the grip of a winter frost……but as the Son shines His face upon it, green shoots of life begin to appear, reaching up towards the light.  When God speaks to you about the future, or leads you into stepping out and doing something new, we must hold onto the hope that He is faithful and love to turn dreams into reality.  We must be fully pursuaded of Gods truthfulness even if we cannot see evidence in today’s reality.

So if you are holding onto a vision that God has planted in your heart, look to the Son and reach up towards His guiding light. He will lead you on the good path as you put your trust in him (Psalms 3:5-6). He will cause what is in your heart to grow like green shoots in Spring time, for we are a people destined to have new life and hope pouring out into the world around us. May you live with hope as spring reflects Gods reality to you.

Writer: Carl Tinnion

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