This week an amazing group of individuals arrived on the oval to begin an amazing new season of discipleship. Twelve trainees and five staff members have come together from all over the world representing Brazil, Canada, the United States, the UK, Pakistan, Australia, Japan, Germany, Sweden and beyond, to start a journey of growth and discovery. The group itself is incredibly diverse, with trainees coming from a variety of backgrounds but finding common ground fairly quickly. 

photo-4In fact, the trainees and staff of the July DTS have come together incredibly quickly, finding common ground and creating friendships through mutual love of sports, music, and faith in God. Within the first day, trainees and staff were already taking to the oval for impromptu football games and worship jam sessions, laughter began to fill the household of building number nine as new friendships began forming amongst the new arrivals. In an incredibly short time, the house became a home and this group of very different people became a family.

“I can’t imagine a more solid group of people,” said trainee Josh Amazonas; “the group, especially the guys, have already gotten so close! I love football, and we all definitely bonded over a mutual love of the game. That first day what started out as a game between three people ended up with nearly everyone playing and it really brought us together.” After a week of orientation, tea breaks, football and ultimate frisbee games, jam sessions, and a trip to the big city this group has definitely become a family. As a family, its members are there to support one another and help each other.

photo-3With this familial unity comes a sense of vulnerability. DTS Staff member, Marina Grayson, commented, “for only being together a week, we have already gone so deep. I hope we can draw from that depth to move each other forward. So that we may go even deeper and find even more love in the future and build a community of young people to encourage another.”

We know that each member of this little family has been called to be a part of this amazing unbound journey. Coming together is just the first step as we take steps toward God’s plan for each one of us.

As a writer, I am incredibly enthused and excited to document and share these moments. To chronicle our journey as we come to know God and take his peace, passion, and love into the world. As we laugh together, cry together, learn together, and grow together, we will build a foundation; going deeper to find our identities in Christ throughout this unique chapter of our lives.

Photos: Samantha Gartner



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