Loneliness is the loudest noise
It’s sound echoes and bounces off the walls
It sits mockingly in it’s silence, as if it weren’t loud enough

FOR HAZ by Bernine je Dong 1 Sadness creeps in like gas
Slow at first, scents of almosts
Then all of a sudden consuming,
as if it had been there all along
It weighs heavy, ready to be wallowed in

But still, there is hope
An open window
A bust in door
Where the waters crash in, all at once,
Surging from the storehouses of heaven

The walls no longer exist
Little things that once were giants are nothing
Nothing in comparison to the vastness of the waters
I’m tossed and turned
I drown in the love that is everywhere and all at once

I float upon the water
Still and listening to the ripples of the tide around me
You are louder still
You are quieter still
You are still, constant, steady, mine.
You are still, constant, steady, mine.

Photo: Bernine je Dong

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