YWAM Next Wave Photo: Mim Daughtery

YWAM Next Wave
Photo: Mim Daughtery

Where has the time gone? It is difficult to believe that week seven has already come and gone, and that the July DTS is ready to move to the next leg of this incomparable unbound journey. The time trainees have spent on the first portion of their lecture phase has been an amazing period of transformation, but the changes continue as this team prepares for the next segment of their adventure; the Next Wave.

Two months ago the July DTS began much like any other, with individuals coming together from all parts of the world with the express intention of learning to know God and to make him known. However, this DTS has always been a bit unique. The lecture phase split into two portions, with two months here in the English countryside with a second phase aboard the YWAM Next Wave. On the Oval, trainees focused on growing closer to God, aboard the Next Wave they will prepare to go even deeper.

Team Middle East Photo: Saskia Casey

Team Middle East
Photo: Saskia Casey

Come Monday morning, staff and trainees will be a aboard a jet plane headed for Sicily ready to board the forty-two meter sailing vessel and further their lecture phase training. While the idea of leaving the Oval may be bittersweet, trainees are thrilled, excited, and delighted to see what God has planned for them as they take these next steps. Learning to sail a two hundred ton vessel will be just one of the many new challenges that the July DTS will soon face. They will experience many new cultures and environments as they sail throughout the Central Mediterranean; and while the idea of ship life may seem a bit daunting, staff and trainees are definitely up to the challenge.

Team Central Asia Photo: Samantha Gartner

Team Central Asia
Photo: Samantha Gartner

Even more changes await on the horizon as outreach teams continue to make preparations, since the outreach phase begins in just a few short weeks. Early on, the DTS spilt into outreach teams destined for countries in Central Asia and the Middle East. Outreach foundation courses on evangelism and TESOL have only increased excitement levels tenfold as teams prepare to move forward. Each team has a unique skill set of personalities and spiritual gifts, filled with enthusiasm, and ready to share God’s amazing good news with the people of these nations.


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