“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!” 1 Chronicles 16:24

So you’re weeks away from your very first YWAM outreach and wondering how many pairs of jeans to pack (the answer is one). Maybe you’re not quite sure what to pack and what to leave behind. Besides the basics like socks, jeans, and a T-shirt or two; what else do you bring along? So, just for you, here is a list of a few essentials to bring with you…


A Rucksack. Generally speaking, suitcases are inconvenient on outreach; so they are replaced by trusty rucksacks for your clothes and personal belongings. Rucksacks are a lot more practical and easier to carrying around, compared to lugging a suitcase everywhere. Simply strap it to your back and you’re ready to hike up Himalayan trails or sleep on airport floors with the reassurance of your rucksack being right by your side. You might even grow attached to your rucksack and want to continue living out of it – even after outreach. Feel free to name yours and the other rucksack friends on the team. Just don’t forget good ol’ rucksack-louis and leave him on the train in Nepal.


Shower shoes. A necessity for outreach. Heed my advice and thank me later. Bring a pair of flip flops to shower in. Every outreach is different but the shower situations ranges from a spigot splattering water onto the clay ground to a public pool shower. You just have to take what you can get and with your trusty pair of shower shoes you’ll be able to protect your feet from the unknown.


Compression Bag. Make room in your rucksack by stuffing all your clothes into a handy compression bag. Just pull on the drawstrings and walla! More space in your rucksack for the rest of the stuff on this list.


Water bottle. Water might not always be readily available so it’s important to keep hydrated with your own personal water bottle.


Your Journal. I definitely suggest bringing a journal and pen. It’s a great tool for recording your time on outreach and it’s always fun to look back later to see all the amazing things God did. You can use it to process, to vent, to pray, etc.

Camera. Another great tool for recording your outreach. It’s great to be able to share with people at home the sort of things you did on your outreach. Use photos to put faces to names when telling your home church about the wonderful people you met while away.


Photos of Family, Friends, and Home. Often on outreach the people you meet are interested in your home, family, and your life in general; just like you’re interested in their lives. It’s fun to be able to share with them photos of your siblings and pet dog. It’s also comforting to have little piece of home with you when you’re in a new place.


Your Bible. You can forget everything else on this list, just don’t forget your Bible. Whether its on your Iphone or in print, it’s crucial to be spending time reading God’s word each day. To tell other’s about God’s word, we must know His word. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17



I hope you found this list helpful. Don’t forget your visas, passports, and of course, the rest of your team. 

Photos by: Megan Rutkowski and Lauren Malpass


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