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At times in all our lives we feel very far from God. We may feel that our lives are in complete and total ruin and that there is no way back to that place where we feel secure, sturdy, and close to God. No matter if this is a result of our own bad choices or the choices of others; I have found that God meets us in those ruins.

In the Bible, we see in Ezra 3, a part of the journey God’s people were on. By choosing to disobey God, they had been exiled from their land and were far away from where they wanted to be with God. Finally they had decided it was time to go back to God’s ways and the land he gave them. They got back home but found the temple, the place they connected with God, to be in ruins. There were piles of rubble, rubbish lying about, and it didn’t even look like what they had before. Where do you start when there is just ruin and brokenness already around you? They moved the rubble away and they cleared off the place where they remembered the altar went. Then they began to do what they knew to do. They started offering the morning and evening sacrifices and they began to celebrate the festivals that God had given them. Amidst the rubble and ruin they reached out to God the way they knew how. There were no walls, no foundation, no ornate carvings, nothing fancy or over the top just back to simply knowing God and obeying what He had told them. They started with what they knew to do and God met them there.

open-bible-1425481Perhaps there have been times in your life when you thought “I need to get back to where I should be” or times when you felt like life had truly gone to ruin. Maybe today you are feeling ruined by depression, you are feeling overwhelmed with one bad situation after another, or you are so controlled by fear that a peaceful moment seems so far away. You have no clue how to find God again but you know you want to get back to where you should be. God’s people felt that way too so they just started doing what they knew to do.

Start with choosing Him in your heart and mind. Say it out loud if you need to.   Even amongst the rubble and ruin of our lives we choose to start doing what we know to do. We worship and we read the Bible. We start by being honest with God and by doing the things He asks us to do like love others, be kind, be generous, etc.

As we do what we know to do, He will meet us. He is training us in His love and no matter how ruined or far away we are His love reaches us.

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