red-sand-1151568 Breaths shallow & short,
I land with a thump
The whole of my back hitting the ground at once

Arms and fingers splayed out by my side
I stare up into the brightness
I watch the dust fall around me
Settling gentler than I could

My breaths are deeper now,
full and deliberate, I sink into the ground under me
I trust that it won’t fall through
The ground has always been my safe place

The panic and uncertainty is gone
What I lie on is something solid
My shoulders dig in to the soil
Surer than the earth that embraces me, you will never fall awaysky-1571018

And like the ground beneath me,
and the law that is as simple
but just as complex as gravity:
I know I must stand again

Lying here reminds me that I can fall and that I will,
but when I do, I do not fall to the depths
I lie in the dust
But it is you who revives me

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