There is a chorus I heard once

The tale of those in search of peace

they looked in bottles

and under rocks

in crowded clubsroses-2-1314000

and red lipsticks

in religious entities

and elegant buildings

it vibrated from the ground below

and fell down from the sky

in colors

and the suns rays.

I’ve seeked

and searched

and prodded –

hoped against hope.

water-1403655I saw wars begin

and flowers die

in the search,

only to realize

perhaps it was not to be dug up –

but in the core of my heart –

the place the creator breathed life into

the place that watered flowers

and laughter began.

Perhaps the true peace

burns bright when we are

as we are meant to be:

fully alive,

singing the chorus in harmony

with the maker of the melody.

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