The Factory building once housed a printing school and was place for children to learn trades such as printing, sewing, and carpentry. Today this building hosts Oval Skate, an indoor skate park for local youth.


The bluebell flowers in the woods bloom once a year and are a vital part of the history of this campus. A woodland area must remain untouched for hundreds of years for these to grow. Can you believe that?

From  National Children’s Home to Christian Charity, the highfield oval has gone through many changes over the past one hundred and fifty years. Thomas Bowman Stephenson first built this property to provide a home for children with no one to care and provide for them. At it’s peak, this property was home to over two hundred children. Today, children and family are still a vital part of the Oval Community.

Youth with a Mission purchased the property over thirty years ago years ago, and now people from all over the world call this place home. All sorts of different people from all types of backgrounds live and work here together in community.

Today, we wanted to share a small glimpse into our daily lives. Each of these photos was taken by a different member of our incredible staff. Look through the eyes of another, take a glance at the place we call home.




Ask anyone on the Oval what autumn is like and they will tell you it’s beautiful. So true. The ground is covered with leaves from oak and hornbeam trees as the season changes.


Walking around the Oval, you can see the history and charm of this two hundred year old property. It is full of hidden gems.









The apple orchard is nearly as old as the Oval itself. Each year, the community hosts an apple festival with hundreds of attendees from the local community.








Many changes to the community with every passing year. People and buildings come and go, but change is to be welcomed. So we celebrate with each new project.

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