DTS Alumni Outreach

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Take a moment and reflect back on your DTS — think of the amazing things that you saw God do in your life and in the lives of others during this time.

DTS can be a significant time in our lives spiritually, and the impact it has can last a life-time.

YWAM Harpenden is hosting a DTS Alumni Outreach this summer. The purpose of the Alumni Outreach is to encourage and refresh you in your current mission. It is also an opportunity to break your normal routine and do ministry cross-culturally — all while being surrounded by other DTS graduates with whom you can share stories and experiences.

This short-term outreach will be divided into 3-4 days of input followed by a 10-day outreach in Europe. The input time will include speakers, devotionals, worship and further missions teaching.

Read the blog about 2014’s Alumni Outreach

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