Single Life Workshop


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In Single Life Workshop we don’t believe in just teaching and passing on information. We put men and women in small groups so they have a hands on opportunity to use the tools we’ve given them in order to relate with one another, share, and be themselves. They will have 36 hours with their appointed “family” to talk, play, laugh and work through the significant things that would hinder them in healthy, transparent, intimate relationships. This workshop is not about finding a mate but about becoming healthy, confident and ready.

Yes, this workshop is to give you hope for an amazing marriage and to prepare you for that significant person the Lord has for you! It doesn’t matter what you’ve grown up with, what has come against you, what violations or betrayals you’ve endured. The Lord’s desire is for you to experience His love spiritually, emotionally and sexually through the person that you become one flesh with. How do you pursue the opposite sex, say “no”, see and love your body as God sees it, become the most confident and free person that you that you can be, and begin to recognize your sexual desires as coming from God and learning how to express them in a Godly way. See sex as the incredible gift God’s given to a husband and wife, hear revelation from the Lord that will prepare you for emotional and sexual intimacy with your mate. We talk about the hard things that shame would try and keep hidden. Nothing hidden is a new wineskin the Lord is bringing into the church and into relationships. Men and women share things they’ve never shared before, because it’s a safe place. People feel love through one another in a way they haven’t felt in their own families. Singles are operating as the church with all it’s support, love and truth in the way God has always intended it to be!

[/wpcol_2third] [wpcol_1third_end id=”” class=”” style=””] Cost: £136* housing not included
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