The University of the Nations (UofN) is an integral part of YWAM and is the means by which we equip people. YWAM Harpenden pioneers and multiplies training programes which equip trainees with skills and knowledge and focus on Christ-centered character development. Trainees will be equipped and then sent out to pioneer and multiply God’s kingdom throughout the nations.

After your DTS there is the opportunity to pursue further training, leading to you completing an accredited degree in your chosen field of expertise. At YWAM Harpenden we offer modular degree tracks in Humanities, Communications, Christian Ministry and Leadership. As well as seminars in the Arts and Family Ministries.


Your journey with Youth With A Mission starts with the YWAM-DTS. It is basically a taster for missions encompassing foundation Christian teaching in the Kingdom of God and discipleship. Our live/learn environment enables a developmental approach to learning in a vibrant community of people working together and going deeper in their knowledge of God. After the 3 month lecture phase living here in Harpenden, you will have the chance to go and work overseas in one of our long term partner nations. This next 3 month phase is about putting your learning into practice and taking it to the next level! Once you have completed your YWAM-DTS, the world is your oyster in terms of next steps and placement opportunities to work with us.


You can get your BA on multiple continents with YWAM’s University of the Nations, but generally we encourage trainees to get their Associate of Arts Degree in one location. Named an AA Degree this is the same as a Diploma in England which adds up to half a Bachelor of Arts (BA). Here at Harpenden we currently offer 4 different AA tracks with the potential of this extending to 6 options by 2017. An AA can take at least 2 years but it also gives you the added bonus of being discipled as you go, in your character, work ethic and spiritual life which we believe is a fantastic approach to Christian education.



If you are not sure what you want to be doing but would like to continue in Christian ministry we offer a brilliant follow on course called the School of Ministry Development (SOMD). This is an introductory missionary training course helping you to determine your passions and interests, the SOMD looks at motivational gifting, personal vision and mission development and enabling you to get experience in all kinds of ministerial contexts as well as communication skills and learning to lead others.



There is also a Basic Leadership school you could try which is a foundational leadership course helping you to work out a possible calling to leadership in the future. Even if you have no experience, this is a perfect way to try out if leadership is for you and to test out a future calling.



A ‘School’ in YWAM is a full time 3 to 6 month module. Our 3 month modular approach to classroom learning is based on full time learning each week for 12 weeks which is the equivalent to one full year at a regular University. If that is too long for you we also offer all kinds of shorter courses we call ‘Seminars’. Ranging from 1 week to 6 weeks, this option gives you more opportunities for specialist training which can be fitted around other work commitments and responsibilities. All of our seminars are accredited internationally and can therefore can be used together if you are wanting to go for your BA in a certain area.


 YWAM’s University of the Nations (UofN) is a global Christian University. It uses an integrated approach to ministry, including evangelism, training, and the meeting of physical needs. All of our training is presented biblically but worked out and applied practically. The University seeks to broaden the scope of evangelistic endeavors by equipping students to serve in all spheres of society, in all nations, in response to Jesus’ declaration that we are to be the salt and light of the world.

Our educational outcomes focus on learning to think biblically and discern spiritually, applying scriptural truth to every area of human life effectively preparing trainees to go into the nations where they are called to serve.

As part of the Global Accreditation system, every trainee can join in on a variety of modules which will go towards a full degree in their chosen field. Each course in every College/Faculty of the UofN is a ‘multiplier for missions,’ serving to increase the workers, resources, and ministries for the mission field. International in scope, the courses provide cross-cultural training related to the specific educational content, and are designed to be applicable in real-life situations.

A module consists of an intensive training course lasting 3 months. This is the equivalent of one full year at a conventional University. At YWAM Harpenden we offer 3 modular degree tracks in Humanities, Communications, Christian Ministry and Leadership. As well as Seminars in the Arts and Family Ministries.


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