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This UofN core course aims to present, examine, and celebrate God’s truth and work in every area of life, in alignment with Philippians 4:8, an exhortation to meditate on “whatever is true, honorable, just, sacred, lovely and of good report.”

If we look carefully at this world with open minds and hearts, we will see God’s character revealed everywhere.  He is in the created order, in the amazing events of human history, in great works of art, in the highs and lows of human experience and in the richness of cultures.

This course takes us on a journey to find out more about the God who speaks through all of these, and then challenges us to renew our minds and take a thoughtful Christian view into the world, our world, and make a lasting difference. It includes the humanities, science and technology, looking at the achievements and failures of individuals, societies, and nations, past and present.


This course is part of the College of Humanities and International Studies and College of Science & Technology from the University of the Nations Colleges and Centres.

Course Description

Since the basis of our curriculum is Philippians. 4:8, we need to unpack the passage to guide our activities. We begin with consideration of the various terms:

  • The True: The development of a Christian mind through the analysis of prevalent philosophies and worldviews. Science as a way to find truth.
  • The Noble: An examination of humanity, individual and corporate, as made in the image of God. The biographies and achievements of famous men and women are explored from a biblical point of view. Various views of sociology and anthropology also may be discussed.
  • The Just: A biblical analysis of law, economics, politics and international relations. A similar approach is applied to issues in science and technology, such as stewardship of the world resources, bioethics, and the impact of new technology on society.
  • The Sacred: The redemptive work of God in all areas of life through His people in history.
  • The Lovely: Literature, art and music as seen from a Christian perspective.
  • The Good Report: God at work in human history from ancient to modern times, and the study of how nations and cultures have used and abused their distinctive giftings from God.

Field Assignment (Optional):

During this course students will have an opportunity to apply ideas learned in HMT/SCI 211. Assignments may include the study of a nation’s culture or an area of society from a Christian perspective, and may provide an opportunity to have practical input of Christian principles into a specific life situation in politics, law, science, the environment, economics, or culture.

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