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Do you want to use your creativity for God? Do you want to gain a biblical basis for graphic design which will enable you to be effective at university or in the work place? Do you want to see YWAM promoted with integrity and quality? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then this is a training school you could benefit from. If you take this school you will be equipped with the foundations for design and communication. You will explore a wide range of industry standard computer programs using the latest technology to design for print. You will gain a biblical basis for communication, either to pursue a career in design or to work within the mission to reach future students and staff, with the overall aim to see the Kingdom of God increased. You will also be trained to communicate effectively with all generations and across cultural barriers.

Good communication has its core in good design; products and services are communicated in a multitude of ways from billboards and brochures to interactive cd-roms and websites. Design is all around you – everything from the milk carton you use on your cereal in the morning to the train time table, the newspaper you read on the way to work and the posters advertising the latest product as you leave the station. All this before you even start your day! Everything you see around you has some kind of logo, typeface or image designed to communicate what it is and what it does.

At YWAM, we want to see you trained with excellence in design as well as giving you a biblical basis for your work. We can equip you to continue in missions, go on to university or succeed in the work place. Whichever direction you take we want to enable you as a designer to play your part in helping to increase the Kingdom of God because communication is at the core of the Great Commission.

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